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I have purchased 3 vehicles over the last 10 from O'connors Buick GMC and they have always been fantastic! The salesmen are patient and knowledgeable and have always found the right vehicle for my ... needs. They have a substantially large network of banks and credit unions they reign in and have always been able to find a loan I could feel comfortable with. If something didn't work they were dedicated to trying again until they found the loan that was perfect for me. All 3 vehicles were mechanically sound and I never had a problem with any one of them.I have had my vehicles maintained @ their repair center and I have no complaints about their service either. They have a large waiting room with plenty of seating, a television, magazines, refreshments and a vending machine. I've had oil changes, transmission fluid and tires changed as well and other routine maintenance. They have always been polite and competitively priced.After a deer accident I took my Explorer to the body shop. They were fast with the repairs and the paint job matched perfectly. I couldn't have been happier(unless the accident had never happened in the first place).In my experiences O'connor Buick GMC has always been there for me for all my automotive needs with a quality product, friendly staff, competitive price and it has been my pleasure to do business with them! Even when the repairs would cost a little more the other quotes I obtained I chose O'connor because I knew the quality is unmatched in the Augusta area.In addition, their website is cutting edge, easy to navigate, and otherwise all inclusive and can be accessed from the comfort of ur own home or office. In today's fast paced life it's nice to have such conveniences. You can even schedule a test drive! U can't get much better then that!
Sophia A. Auburn, ME