Green is our Favorite Color


O'Connor Auto Park is a General Motors Certified Green Dealer because of our commitment to effectively and efficiently running our facilities in an environmentally friendly manner. We do our best to incorporate changes that will lessen our carbon footprint. 

Our building runs on geothermal energy, meaning we use the constant temperatures underground to warm and cool our facilities. This means of heating and cooling is entirely sustainable and renewable.  In addition to heating, all of our indoor lighting is connected to motion sensors. For example, when someone enters or leaves their office for an extended period of time, the lights will automatically turn on and off. Our outdoor lighting is run with LED technology that uses 25% of the energy used by comparable fixtures.

In our restrooms and service lounge, we have eco-friendly hand dryers and energy efficient vending machines. There are also specific receptacles differentiating between waste and recycling. These small pieces add up to create an entire campus of environmentally-conscious decisions to best serve our customers and keep from adding to our growing climate issues.

Come visit us at 199 Riverside Drive in Augusta to learn more about the changes we have made to be a green dealership, and take a spin in one of our new or pre-owned vehicles while you're at it! You may just fall in love!