Buying or Leasing Your New Chevy, Buick, or GMC Is Easy with O'Connor Auto Park

When our customers from Winthrop and Waterville are looking to buy or lease a new Buick, Chevrolet, or GMC vehicle, they often have questions about buying and leasing. O'Connor Auto Park is here to provide you with the pros and cons of each option, so you'll be able to decide which one is right for your budgeting and vehicle usage needs.

Buying a GM-Brand Vehicle near Lewiston-Auburn With O'Connor Auto Park

Buying provides Rockland and Camden drivers with the total freedom to do with your GM-brand vehicle as you'd like. You'll make payments for a predetermined period, and once the term is up, the vehicle is yours.

The Pros of Buying Your Buick, Chevrolet, or GMC

  • Build equity in the vehicle
  • Sell, donate, or gift your GM-brand vehicle
  • Customize the vehicle to your liking
  • No mileage or wear and tear conditions

The Cons of Buying Your GM-Brand Vehicle

  • Payments may be higher for those with credit challenges
  • The GM warranty may expire prior to resale
  • Resale value can't be guaranteed

Leasing Your Buick, GMC, or Chevrolet from O'Connor Auto Park

Leasing provides Bangor drivers with a unique opportunity to get a newer GM-brand vehicle more often. You'll only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use, and you'll turn it in for a newer model, or purchase the vehicle.

The Pros of Leasing Your GM-Brand Vehicle With O'Connor Auto Park

  • Mileage options are available
  • Tax benefits may be applicable for some lessees
  • GM warranty typically remains intact for the lease duration
  • Customization can be completed at the beginning of the lease

The Cons of Leasing Your GM-Brand Vehicle

  • The lessor owns the vehicle
  • Service must be completed according to the contract
  • Mileage and wear and tear charges may apply

Taking a test drive and working with our finance experts at O'Connor Auto Park is the best way to get approved for the new GM-brand vehicle that you've been wanting. Contact O'Connor Auto Park, and we'll get you on your way to the Buick, Chevy, or GMC that you'd love to take home today.

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