New Chevy & GMC Trucks at O'Connor Auto Park in Augusta

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New Chevy and GMC Truck Inventory in Augusta, ME

Truck lovers expect the best. Buying new means you're getting access to all the latest features, the most cutting-edge tech, best performance, and much more. At our dealership in Augusta, ME, we know it can be difficult to find the right model. That's why we want to help by telling you about the latest offerings from two of our favorite manufacturers: GMC and Chevrolet.

Both manufacturers have put a lot of effort into their latest lineup of trucks. There are innovative, all-new options as well as a substantial re-tooling of old favorites. Likewise, we have plenty of custom trims and packages with unique features so that we can find you the right truck in no time.

You will feel surprised how much a new truck can improve your daily routine. If your truck is feeling its age and not delivering where it counts, you will want to browse our exceptional selection of GMC and Chevy trucks for sale near Winthrop, ME. Let's take a look at the specifics of some of the most noteworthy models from GMC and Chevy's new truck lineup.

Chevrolet Silverado

First up is the Chevy Silverado. It has a powerful engine that will perform well on the streets around Waterville, ME. Likewise, it features the most standard specs for torque, horsepower, and payload among the lineup. It performs admirably as a trailer as well; the Silverado has lots of features that make connecting to a trailer more intuitive and navigating while connected less stressful. It's a great option for new truck owners near Bangor, ME because of its suite of accessibility features.

Chevrolet Silverado HD

Chevy created the Silverado HD as the stronger, more capability-focused version of the Silverado. It trades off-roading capabilities for a more powerful engine, impressive fuel economy, and greater payload. Our team can also help you find a trim with useful exterior features, like fog lamps and equipment harnesses. Our inventory gets updated often with new packages that will elevate your hauls around Lewiston-Ashburn, ME.

Chevrolet Silverado LTD

The Chevy Silverado LTD is a feature-focused model that aims to deliver a premium experience. Generally, these trims feature more luxurious, leather-trimmed seats and many in-depth interior control options, like universal temperature control. Many LTD packages also include advanced safety features, like high-definition, panoramic cameras. Additionally, many LTD models bolster impact resistance with electric plating along the exterior.

Chevrolet Colorado

The Colorado is Chevy's other truck option. It remains focused on durability and reliability. The powerful engines included with our Colorado models make the driving experience a pleasure. Many features, like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), come with some packages to improve multi-tasking capabilities while on the road.

GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon trucks on our lot have strong, responsive engines equipped with the latest performance-enhancing tech from GMC. Many Canyon models use high-strength steel and alloys to increase the stability of the frame and other crucial components, like the wheels. The result is a truck that you can expect to be long-lasting and reliable for your trips near Rockland, ME.

Our GMC sales team invites you to browse our expansive selection of color and exterior options for our GMC Canyon models. They add a level of personalization to the driving experience that many drivers desire. Moreover, we have a variety of trims available for the Canyon to best suit your needs as a driver. For example, many Canyon models feature suspension systems designed to adapt to rough, rock-laden terrain.

The Canyon employs lots of high-tech features as well. You can expect new models on our lot to come with a customizable touchscreen dashboard. These utilities make using your truck's features easier and have a positive effect on the overall experience.

GMC Sierra 1500

We have the latest Sierra 1500 models in our inventory. This GMC truck also features a variety of trims and packages. Some features increase your capability by making activities like tailgating and cargo-loading simpler. Other trims increase the engine's power, resulting in broad improvements to performance.

The Sierra 1500 offers ample cargo space for your commutes through Camden, ME. It's spacious and sturdy, so you can confidently load it with heavy equipment, like furniture and appliances. Sierra 1500 models also include intuitive technology features. Many Sierra trucks interface with smartphones to allow the use of your favorite virtual assistant while on the road. Additionally, Sierra 1500 models have plenty of fast-charging USB ports for your family to use while on long road trips.

Safety features, like hands-free trailer connections and lane-change warnings, are also available. Our friendly GMC sales team will listen to your desires carefully, allowing us to provide accurate, commitment-free recommendations based on your preferences.

GMC Sierra HD

The Sierra HD is another premium truck from GMC. Thanks to its size and sleek color options, it features exceptional towing performance and an impressive, powerful appearance. Bluetooth technology comes integrated with many models to allow for high-quality reproductions of your favorite music. Several trims with differing payloads, horsepower ratings, and similar specifications are available in our everchanging inventory.

It doesn't matter if you're a long-time local or a fresh face; we would love to have you visit us at our dealership in Augusta. Our team is friendly, experienced, and would love to hear all about your desires and expectations as a driver.

We can provide stress-free test drives and an in-person inspection of any in-stock model mentioned from the selection above. If any trucks have caught your eye, please contact us for more information at your latest convenience. Happy driving.

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