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Quite a few Winthrop area drivers may be familiar with the sensation of their steering wheel vibrating as they're driving. Noisy and somewhat annoying, it also causes your engine to have to work harder, requiring higher fuel usage. Even though it can manifest in the steering wheel, the cause is your wheels being out of alignment.

Each vehicle manufacturer has their own recommendation for how often to have your wheels aligned, but a simple rule of thumb is every two to three years unless you notice some obvious cues that mean it should be completed sooner. Every day, your vehicle encounters obstacles like potholes, curbs, rocks, speed bumps and other obstructions around Waterville or Rockland that you may accidentally or deliberately drive over. 

Why Are Alignments Important For Bangor Drivers?

Each of these obstacles can incrementally move your tire's position, knocking it out of alignment with the other tires. Eventually, you'll be able to tell the alignment is skewed from clues like uneven tread wear on your tires, a vibrating steering wheel or a steering wheel that doesn't point straight ahead even when that is the direction your car is traveling.

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Is A Wheel Alignment Really Necessary?

When your tires wear unevenly as a result of faulty alignment, you'll end up replacing them more frequently or experiencing flats and blowouts. In addition to the increase in spending on tires, you'll also spend more money at the gas pump in Camden as your engine consumes fuel at an increased rate as it tries to push an inefficient vehicle down the road.

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It's common to have an alignment done as part of buying a new set of tires, allowing everything to have a fresh start. If your tires still have a lot of life in them but you notice some sure signs of your wheels being out of alignment, it's best to go ahead and have an alignment done independently from buying a new set in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Use our convenient scheduling form on our website and make your appointment at our service center on the day and time that work for you!

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